Create social networking accounts

The first thing you should do is to create your social networking accounts.

The key social networking accounts that you will need to set up:

When you set up Facebook for social networking your business page must be linked to a personal account. So the first thing to do will be to setup your personal account. Once you have set up your personal account, you can then create as many business pages as you like.

What's Twitter? Twitter is your online news and social networking where you're going to communicate short messages to your audience.

Most businesses tend to post short post and those post 10 to have links in them. The links are probably going to relevant information that your audience will find interesting.

Twitter can be used to find out more information about companies and it can also be used to provide some sort of support service for your clients.

Google launched Google Plus back in 2011. It's had a Chequered past and has not been adopted by a lot of businesses. Having said that Google Plus is useful for routine post regarding your business and your audience. Google Plus has well over 100 million active profiles and a large reason for this is because it's integrated with your Google account.

Pinterest is like a pin board that's online and shareable. Most businesses use it to collect visual images and other pieces of multimedia and put them into boards so that others can view them. Each picture or multimedia piece will have a link to it and the link will point to a website, hopefully yours.

Instagram has created quite a name for herself with the younger generation. It has actually been around for a few years and is closely linked to Facebook, largely because Facebook own Instagram.

Instagram is very much a social sharing platform for photos and videos. In a way you can look at Instagram as a simplified version of Facebook. The large emphasis with Instagram is the mobile side of things. The platform promotes commenting liking tagging and private messaging. Businesses are quite slow to adopt Instagram as a promotional platform but are gradually getting there.

LinkedIn likes to position itself as The Social Network for professionals. On LinkedIn there are a lot of employment agencies and Talent Scouts. A lot of businesses use LinkedIn to find out more information about businesses whilst their trading with them or even before their trading with them.

LinkedIn creates a social network communicating with businesses on a direct basis.

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