Title Tag

The title tag is the text content that you cannot see on your visible web page. It's the text that you:

  1. See as the “title” of the tab in the web browser
  2. The text that Google looks for to work out (partly) what your page is about
  3. The title tag forms part of a crucial alliance - title tag and Meta Description

The key about the title tag is that it helps Google understand what your web page is about.

If you are optimising your website for Local Web Traffic you need to mention the local places around you that are relevant to your business.

For a Local SEO Strategy you would normally put your service plus the location (local location) of your service. This is not so relevant for products as products can ship from anywhere, including of course, World wide.

Of course if you ignore Local Places when optimising your website you would then be competing with all the other websites that are in your niche. You would move from results of around 2 to 3000 websites to about 2 to 3 million websites.

An example:

If your niche is selling top hats? You would add the following:

  • top hats for sale in [and then you would have your town name]
  • Top hats for sale in Newton Abbot.
  • Top hats for sale in Exeter.
  • Top hats for sale in Devon.

You'll notice that we are using smaller town names, for example Newton Abbot, 'larger towns' and 'cities' for example Exeter, and the local County which in this case is Devon. The right mix is important.