Heading Structure for Local SEO

Headings for Local SEO are important and need to be structured to help your readers understand your article.

When you were at school the English teacher would always say break up your essays with headings and paragraphs. Not only does that help the reader understand your article because the article is split into smaller chunks, it also helps to understand the structure of the article.

Headings within HTML range between heading level 1 and heading level 6. Heading level 1 is generally the more important heading.

To optimise a website for local SEO the first heading on the page must be right at the top and it must mention the key element of what the page is about. When we focus on local SEO we need to splatter some of the local towns within the page and the heading levels.

For example if we were selling top hats the first heading could say:

“top hats for sale in Exeter”

As we move down the page we would also add some more headings to to the page.

By breaking up the page into meaningful sections it will ensure that the person reading the page has a better understanding of the page, and it will also ensure that Google has a better understanding of the page.

  • Make sure your first heading matches your title tag and your meta description
  • Make sure you break up your pages into headings starting at h1
  • Make sure you do not have multiple heading level ones (H1's) on your page
  • Make sure that the structure of your headings is logical
  • Do not use headings to indicate non-heading type information. By that I mean using headings to describe lists or to add a telephone to the content.
  • Local SEO means we have to make sure that we use the local towns and cities as part of our structure.