Here are some tips and tricks relating to your local SEO strategy. Your local SEO strategy differs from the standard SEO strategy in so far as you are focusing on your local areas and local services.

One of the first areas you need to focus on online directories (Local Online Directories) and citations for your business.

The way in which you do this is to contact all of your local services such as yelp, Yellow Pages, and several other directory services that list local services in your area.

The second thing you're going to do is to create a Google my business page using the Google tools available.

Google my business is a directory of local businesses in the area that the person is searching in. It's very important to claim your local business so that you have full control on what is displayed on that page. To claim your page visit the Google my business page.

So you now have your Google my business page and some entries in the local directories.

The next step is to get some decent online reviews from your customers in your area. Online reviews from customers are very important and reinforce your business as being one of the best businesses in the area for your niche. There are several review systems available, and one of the simplest is to use the Facebook reviews process. Examples of review websites:

So now it's time to look at your web pages, this is called On Page SEO.

Have you got your title and meta description tags completed correctly? The title and meta description are important because they form part of the search engine results page from Google. OnPage SEO.

Finally, we should look at the local structured data markup.

There are various plugins available for content management systems that allow you to structure your articles and pages on your website in such a way that Google will be able to index those pages much easier. Structured data markup is often referred to as schemas. Schemas help you define your page into a structure that Google can understand.