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What is local search optimisation? SEO or search engine optimisation is just an expression to describe the optimisation of websites or other web content so that the search engines can index them properly. This hopefully leads to better ranking when people are searching.

Why Local SEO is More Important than Ever!

With the above in mind, we now need to move on to 'what is DEVON SEO' all about? well, it's about looking at local optimisation for the area of Devon in a nutshell. So, when folk 'search' for stuff, they now are a bit more savvy! They may add the word 'Devon' or 'South West' into the mix. Why? Well they want to find someone or a company providing the services they want - and they want them to be local!

Good question! If you have a web presence (website, social networking, blogs or anything online) you want to be found on the search engines right? If you focus on just your so called 'key words' in your content for your services, you will not rank as well as those people that have written content geared towards local people. That's it.

Basically, that's what this WIKI / Website is all about. It's about trying to help you find your feet, get the word out. You provide services right? So, how do you get this message out to local people that want those services? That's what we are about - we will help you … :)